Why Squarespace?

5 Simple Reasons

  • Let’s back the truck up. What is Squarespace? 

    • Squarespace is a cloud-based, all-in-one solution for anyone looking to create a presence online and grow their business via their website without bolting a propeller to their head.

  • DIY in its DNA

    • Squarespace was designed with the DIYer in mind It’s easy for you to maintain and update on your own, long after the project has been completed. If you’ve used a computer in the past twenty years you’ll feel right at home. We set up your site, train you and hand you the car keys. Want us to drive you somewhere, no problem.

  • Security -  Not “Free” Open Source (Wordpress)

    • Open source systems are supposedly free but in reality they are anything but. There is a hidden cost that developers neglect to inform you about when you build a website. Here is what you don’t need to add with a proprietary system like Squarespace

      • Templates - Tons of them for no extra charge

      • Security: Installed, maintained by host which is included in your monthly fees

      • Updates: Automatic

      • SSL Certificate - A site certificate

  • Search Engine Ready

    • Search is important and if your site does not comply with the current standards of the search guys, it may show up on page 6 or not at all (same thing). Current items that Squarespace has:

      • Responsive Design - Looks good and functions on all devices.

      • SSL - If your site doesn’t have it, a browser might not let people see it.

  • Room to Grow

    • Squarespace scales easily. Squarespace was designed for everyone from musicians to bloggers to online retailers, so you can be your investment is robust and flexible enough to grow with you.