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What To Expect From A Santa Rosa Web Design And Development Company

Every web design should be done within the premise of understanding the role it plays in internet marketing and SEO campaigns. The design of the website is an essential element in the generation of significant online traffic. Hence, Santa Rosa businesses should consider hiring reputable and accomplished web design and development services.

A business that has no online presence or representation in this day and age is less likely to have a competitive edge against its opponents. Conversely, the benefits of having a running website are only evident when the use of internet technology aids in defining the company's goals.

The Web Design Categories

Every website developer employs four design concepts when creating an online site for clients. The four design categories are:

  1. Online brochure – which offers information about the business highlighting different aspects related to products and services offered.
  2. Content – which gives information in the form of literature such as articles, blogs, forums, and other forms of content such as audios and videos.
  3. Lead generation – which focuses on the production and segmentation of online leads.
  4. E-commerce management – which caters to the sale of products or services directly on the website.

The four categories mentioned above are essential for achieving a balance and are combined to enhance a website's functionality. Achieving a robust design creates a sense of visual form that appeals to the online user while ensuring there is a flawless execution of all set functions as per the laid down design.

A reputable web design company in Santa Rosa understand the need for combining the efforts of different webmasters to aid in the development of a robust digital environment that has more to offer than just relevant content with a beautiful layout. As such, the design process will include the active participation of graphic designers, web designers, programmers, web developers, SEO analysts, copywriters, and project managers.

From their combined efforts, the web design and development agency will create a website that has the following major aspects:

  • Content - Ensuring a website's subject matter will hold water in regards to what the business has to offer. The content will be incorporated into the site's design to ensure it speaks a language that the online user understands while disseminating relevant information
  • Usability - The design company will strive to achieve a flawless user-friendly interface (UI). It should be simple, easy to navigate, and stout enough to support the changing complexities of web development.
  • Appearance - The content and graphics should work in conjunction with the design to achieve a single style that is useable across every page. This projects an excellent layout such as having less white space and use of good graphics and appropriate fonts among other elements.
  • Visibility - All the three aspects mentioned above will not have any major significance if the website will not be visible. Visibility is all about having a website that is easy to locate across all search engines. This is an aspect of web design that highlights the important role of SEO in the design process. 

If your web design company does not have the necessary skills and experience, then it's time for a change. Contact the website design santa rosa team at Catamaran Marketing to see if we are the right team of professionals for you.