Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful way to engage fans and empower them to promote your brand. Participating in social media allows you to:

Give your brand a more human feel. Less formal and more inviting than a website social media gives consumers a friendly way of checking you out.

Enable two-way conversation. Rather than broadcasting at your customers, social media and blogging allow you to converse with your audience. The opportunity to directly answer questions, receive feedback, and reach out to customers is a way to put your customer skills on global display at a very low financial cost.

Engage potential customers and give customers personal brand ownership. Polls, open-ended questions, and posting on your wall give your customer a way to become 'hands on' with your brand. This engagement builds a personal relationship with customers, cements top-of-mind awareness, and giving customers personal brand ownership. Think Apple or Nike. Have customers feel like they are part of your brand identity and your brand is part of their personal identity creates value that you can't buy.

Make your brand shareable and viral– empower your brand's evangelists"Likes", shares, re-tweets, and recommendations are all personal endorsements that your customers are broadcasting across their personal networks. Having a network of customers tell their friends about how much they love your product can be more powerful than any tv spot.

Drive traffic back to your website. Social media platforms, especially twitter, are an easy way to create links inviting prospective customers to check out your site. Combine links with the personal endorsements of likes and re-tweets, and the viral capabilities of social media, and you've got yourself a lead generation machine.

Social Media Setup Package

Social Media is a powerful way to create visibility for your business, but getting started can feel like an overwhelming endeavor.  This package ensures you'll be set up for success.

What you get:

  • Create Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages
  • Create and upload profile pictures and cover photos for each account
  • Populate accounts with company information
  • Recruit launch team to grow initial audience
  • Connect each account to Hootsuite for easy social media monitoring, syndication and management.
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