Google AdWords Setup + First Campaign

Google AdWords Setup + First Campaign


Let's make sure your Adwords account is setup correctly and run your first campaign.  We'll develop a comprehensive list of keywords and test to see which give you the greatest ROI.

What you get:

Google AdWords Setup

  • Peace of mind. We'll make sure your Adwords and Analytics accounts are set up and connected correctly, or we'll set them up for you.
  • Initial Keyword Development.  Let us build a list of keywords that specifically target your customer, product, and campaign goals.  We run keyword analysis to see what keywords give you the greatest R.O.I.
  • Full Access to Your Accounts and Information. At the end of the day this your campaign and we have no interest in holding it hostage from you. We give you full access to your Adwords and Analytics accounts throughout the campaign process.

First Month Google AdWords Campaign Management

  • A Campaign Tailored to Your Unique Budget, Goals, Objectives, and Targets. Let's sit down and discuss what you are trying to achieve and how you measure success.
  • Campaign Setup. We do the grunt work of setting up your campaigns metrics and parameters.  Again, these will be tailored with your unique product, customer, and campaign goals in mind.  We can use your own ad copy or work with you to develop new copy.
  • Weekly Campaign Adjustments and Updates Online Marketing is a process.  We measure how effectively your budget is being spent and make adjustments on a weekly basis.  We also aggregate and summarize campaign results and email you a report at the beginning of every week.
  • Integrated Tracking.  You receive full access to up-to-the-minute analytics on click-through, user duration, and calls to action.  Access to tracking will continue to be available to you after your campaign has ended.
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