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Linsey Thurmon
Content Creator, Catamaran Marketing

...some things are just better off being left to the professionals. Surprisingly enough, email marketing also falls into that category. Most small businesses don’t have time to spend hours agonizing over content creation or analyzing tracking reports, but professional email marketers do. As a Constant Contact Partner, we are given the knowledge and tools necessary to craft the perfect email marketing campaign for any small business. By partnering with Constant Contact we are provided with access to a much broader network than the typical email marketer, and we are able to pass those benefits onto you!

It’s Not Over When You Hit Send

Even if you do have a little extra time to dedicate towards constructing the ultimate email blast, chances are that after you hit the send button that email also gets sent from your mind. In reality, email marketing is not finished when you hit send; it’s actually just getting started. From that point a professional email marketer is able to track key metrics, evaluate trends, and make adjustments accordingly. We assess the rate of clicks, opens, and bounces to effectively track how well each email performs.


Emails Have Reports?

Every email receives a report that we use to measure how much your clients are engaging, and what parts of the emails they find most interesting. We grow and track the number of subscribers your company has, while simultaneously assessing the factors that make certain people unsubscribe. By taking this information and applying it to your campaign, we are able to see a significant rise in engagement and click-through rates. It is amazing how much of a difference is made by moving graphics a bit the left or by tweaking a few words in a message. However, most of this difference is never realized because small businesses don’t have the time to spend on these minute details. But for a professional email marketer, there is all the time in the world!

Now What?

Once the email has been sent and the reports have been analyzed, the fun part begins! Based on the information previously gathered, we know the exact steps to take next. We know who to try and re-engage with - perhaps by gifting them with a special offer, and we know what email addresses need to be taken off our mailing list. And if we notice a large amount of emails are being opened on mobile devices, we can use that information to make our next emails more mobile friendly. Our reports even tell us what time of day that the majority of emails are opened, which means we can send out future blasts at exactly the right moment.

If you’re not currently making the most out of your email marketing, then it might be time to let the professionals take over. We help you by providing actionable feedback and by identifying new opportunities that work to maximize and grow your business. If you have any questions or feedback, let us know!

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