You’re Synced to Constant Contact, Now What?

Justin Oxford
Staff Writer, Catamaran Marketing

Synchronizing your Apple Contacts with your Constant Contact account using Cazoomi SyncApps is the first step in automating your marketing. The second and very important step is designing an emotionally compelling email marketing campaign that strategically and professionally increases your company’s brand awareness. Implementation of pre-designed templates containing your branding are an aesthetically efficient way of optimizing your online marketing efforts. Autoresponders are the perfect compliment to automate the entire process of getting these emails to your prospects in a timely manner. This process may sound complicated, especially if you haven’t spent a sizeable amount of time on your email marketing campaign, so let me paint a more simple picture for you.

An easy, fast, and professional way to take your email marketing campaign to the next level are pre-designed templates. With drag and drop options you can easily design and designate different templates for lead nurturing emails, letterhead emails, a landing page with offer, Blog Newsletters, and even magazine newsletters. Beautiful emails will get you better results and brand recognition across the board because they demonstrate a distinct level of professionalism to your current customers and prospects that separates you from your competition. It feeds the users drive to design unique and creative template that will turn heads and catch eyes.

Designing a creative and emotionally charged template to get your brand in front of your customers is one thing, but keeping it there is another. Autoresponders are the smart way to digitally stay in your customers line of sight, especially when it comes to email marketing. Autoresponders are triggered by addition to a pre-determined list, meaning that every time you add new contacts via apple sync or web form those clients can automatically emailed. A series of emails at predetermined time span ensure that your prospect will get the information they need and give you the touches you need to move them along the sales path.  Distinction between single targeted email or targeted email series gives you the freedom to send emails with specific content that’s relative to the prompt and provide only relevant information to your customers. Autoresponders are the key to efficiently automating the dissemination of content and important product information to your prospects, allowing you to focus more on the core of your business.

A properly designed email never leaves the prospect hanging, but makes effective use of the prospects momentum by guide the next step with a Call To Action(CTA). A proper CTA will lead your prospects to a form they can easily fill in with some basic information like their first and last name, email, and possibly a phone number. You can get more information later and this form needs to be easy and quick.

85 percent of respondents to a recent eConsultancy real-time marketing survey said that providing responsive experiences to customers based on their real-time behaviors is fundamental, significant, or important to future business success. Create beautiful emails efficiently with Pre-designed templates customized to fit your email marketing objectives. Continue raising brand awareness and automate the process of staying in front of your current clients and prospects with autoresponders. Finish your emails strong with a compelling CTA that will guide prospects to the next step and in turn bring more business to your company.

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