Mobile-Geddon Is Around The Corner!

Justin Oxford
Staff Writer,
Catamaran Marketing

The countdown to mobilize your site is imminent, unless you want Google to kick your search result link back to page six. April 21, 2015 is the due date for your website’s responsive(mobile-friendly) restructuring if you’re going to keep up with the new era of everyday mobile browsers. The question business giants are franticly addressing - Is my site mobile friendly? - will set the pace for the race to a mobile-optimized search result in which the leaders’ conversions will be miles ahead of their competitors. I’m going to cover some important details and empower you with some action steps to not only help you keep up with this vast change, but truly maximize the opportunity your business has to move up the ranks of the search engine dynasty. 

Before we jump into what steps you should take as a business owner to adapt to these changing times, let's first simplify what Google’s Algorithm actually is. This algorithm is simply a metal detector that Google’s robots (called “bots”) use to comb through or “index” the online world in search of the most relevant, timely, and user-friendly information to help search engine users find exactly what they want quickly and easily. Before the age of mobile internet access Google’s 2-sided algorithmic scale leaned heavier on the desktop side than the mobile side, but today’s overwhelming number of online mobile users has influenced Google to make a major adjustment to this desktop-mobile side of the scale. As of the 21st the frequency on these bot’s metal detectors will pick up more sites featuring Mobile Optimization(making a website’s accessibility and navigation friendly to all types of mobile devices) than ever before. Now that you understand the need for Mobile Optimization, lets talk about some specific changes you can make to prepare your business for Mobile-Geddon.

A mobile-friendly site averts some of the most common mobile mistakes with a special approach - Responsive Web Design (RWD) - aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience. An RWD approach should minimize mobile user’s resizing, panning, and scrolling across a range of devices while simultaneously adapting to the layout on the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, and flexible images. Below are the most commonly mentioned mobile mistakes to avoid taken directly from Google’s own Webmaster Community on Twitter. For those of you who are propeller heads, here are the terms they use:

  • Blocked Java Script, CSS and Image Files
  • Unplayable Content
  • Faulty Redirects
  • Mobile-only 404s
  • App Download Interstitials
  • Irrelevant Cross-links
  • Slow Mobile Pages

Adaptation is the key to survival; those creatures that did not adapt became extinct, or page 6 of organic search, same thing. They will never be seen again. April 21, 2015 marks the deadline for your site’s showcasing of its control, flexibility, and speed for users of all different mobile devices. The smart business people have already prepared by addressing common mobile mistakes and implementing a Responsive Web Design approach. The race to Mobile Optimization is in full swing. 

The only question left is “Will you be ready for

Find out here
Mobile-Friendly Test


Features of a
Non-mobile Friendly Site

  • User must move side-to-side to see menus
  • Site Logo missing
  • Page orientation stays locked in desktop format
  • Site loads slowly as images are locked to one size
Non-mobile Friendly Site:      Apple iPhone 5 emulation

Non-mobile Friendly Site: 
Apple iPhone 5 emulation

Features of a
Mobile Friendly Site

  • Menu collapse and has indicator on top to open. Somewhat of a standard for small devices
  • Site logo directly below menu letting customers see this first. Branding, branding, branding
  • Page reoriented to stack all page components vertically. Easy scrolling on mobile device
  • Host delivers images dynamically to the size needed for device (faster loading


Mobile Friendly Site:      Apple iPhone 5 Emulation

Mobile Friendly Site: 
Apple iPhone 5 Emulation

Mobile Friendly Site:     Nexus 7 Emulation

Mobile Friendly Site:
Nexus 7 Emulation

Mobile Friendly Site:     Apple iPad Mini Emulation

Mobile Friendly Site:
Apple iPad Mini Emulation

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