5 Ways to Boost the Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Linsey Thurmon
Writer, Catamaran Marketing

Surprisingly enough, the largest social media platform is not Facebook or Twitter, but email. As a business associate, you should capitalize upon this network through the use of email marketing. The Direct Marketing Association believes that it is the most cost effective form of advertising, stating that for every $1 spent on email marketing, there is an average return of $44.25! That kind of return on investment is nearly unheard of in today's world, and should open your eyes to the powers of email marketing. It can be personalized and segmented to suit your company's specific needs, and it is an extremely efficient way to grow and cultivate relationships with your customers. However, many business people underestimate their ability to run an effective campaign. But with a few simple tips and tricks you too could be on your way to email marketing glory!

Email Tip 1 - Have A Strong Subject Line

The amount of emails people receive on an everyday basis is astounding, and for your campaign to even have a chance it first needs to be read. If your subject line is lacking in any way your email will be skipped over, or even worse, deleted. To avoid this you need to come out of the corner swingin'. Here are some proven options:

  1. Provide some form of utility to your recipient
  2. Create a sense of urgency
  3. Form a relationship and trust
  4. Be creative; think of a subject line YOU would want to click on

One of the best parts of email marketing is its measurability. Track what subject lines work best for you and your business, and then build upon those.

Email Tip 2 – Include Eye-Catching Graphics, But Not Too Many

Imagine you have the perfect subject line, your intrigued clients are opening your emails left and right…then suddenly boom! Your email takes hours to load, they become bored, hit the delete button, and your email is sent into the black hole of internet doom. Consumers today have shorter attention spans than ever before, and they require instant action to keep their interest. You stimulate their consciousness by including a small number of eye catching, relevant graphics and a fairly simple design. This formula ensures your email is quickly loaded, and therefore seen and processed.

Email Tip 3 – Make It Personal

Nobody wants to be a sucker, and no one likes to feel as if they’re being sold to. Emails that come across as spam accomplish zilch for the sender and usually only aggravate the recipient. Make your email personal so that your reader feels a connection with you. By transforming your email in to a personal conversation you are able to quickly build trust and form a relationship with your client. Most people are tired of dealing with automated computers and will appreciate an actual human reaching out to them. Down the road, this appreciation will likely convert into dollars for you and your company!

Email Tip 4 - Create A Compelling Call To Action

Not including a call to action is email marketing suicide. How are your readers supposed to do what you want if you don’t make it painstakingly clear to them? Baby steps are key here; outline exactly what you want your customers to do. Include obvious buttons, links, graphics or anything to capture your reader’s attention and take them to the next step. You should make your call to action simple yet enticing, and reinstate that they as a consumer have little to lose. A strong call to action is the best way to ensure your email marketing campaigns are successful!

Email Tip 5 – Say Thank You

As I mentioned before, people want to be treated as honest human beings. One of the easiest ways to make your reader feel appreciated is to include a sincere thank you in your closing. Brands with strong customer loyalty know the value of this tip, and realize that a happy customer is the best customer of them all. A client who believes in and trusts your brand is a thousand times more likely to repeat their business and, more importantly, refer you to their friends. Acknowledging that you appreciate your reader will go a long way for your business and image.

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