Do nothing…. Please! | Beware of the Squarespace Phisherman

I really mean that it’s good to do nothing… sometimes. This is an alert from some of our Squarespace clients that have gotten an email that is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The email (pictured below) is not from your web host. If you look closely, there are some clues. We have made the email & web addresses not clickable so this email doesn’t create the problem we are trying to solve. Here’s what we found:

  1. The email address is not from Squarespace. It’s from customerservice0(@) With some email systems, you need to hover over the name to see whom the email is really from.

  2. Panic inducing subject line. Nobody wants their site down.

  3. These were Squarespace logos and they have since disappeared. Just because it has their logo, it does not mean it’s from them. See the samples at the end.

  4. These clickable links do not go to Squarespace. These go to firstspacex(.)com. Is this likely an agent of the host. Probably not. You add your credit card number and next thing you know, you’ve purchased laptops in Lithuania.

  5. The help links go to denkilo(.)com. Same as 4. If you had clicked on this, the page you go to may look like your host or vendor. In this instance we copied the link and pasted it into a text document so we would not have to click on it and turn our computers into jello.

So do nothing if you get an email like this. Do not reply. Do not click on anything. We don’t know where these links go and we are not going to find out. Neither should you.

This is an example of one. Wolves can take on many forms. Sometimes by email. There’s one for your domain name that comes in the form of a letter. If you are in doubt, Contact us… we’re glad to help.

More questions? Please allow us to assist. No links to find us. You know and trust us.

Other samples below:

Catamaran Marketing Agency