5 Reasons Why SEO Is Your Website’s New Best Friend

Linsey Thurman
Writer, Catamaran Marketing

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of ensuring your website appears on a search engine’s results page when relevant searches are made by consumers. Search engines such as Google and Bing want to refer customers to websites that match their inquiries, but often have to struggle through muddled homepages and irrelevant keywords. When a consumer types in a query, search engines respond by  “crawling” millions of websites and then referring the most relevant sites back to the user. This “crawling” method includes an algorithmic evaluation of your website’s content to determine the quality of your website and if it is applicable to the search being made. To maximize your website’s traffic, you need to make the “crawler’s” job as easy as possible. This is where a SEO Analysis steps in and makes your life a whole lot easier, and even more profitable.

1.     SEO Makes Sure People Can Find You

What good is your beautifully crafted website if no one is around to see it? SEO ensures that when a consumer searches for anything related to your website, YOU are one of the top results listed. If you are not on the first page of Google results, then you have some serious work ahead of you!

2.    Raises Brand Awarenes

Consumers trust Google, therefore they trust the websites that Google recommends first. This high-ranking status translates to more credibility and stronger brand recognition for your company. Trust goes a long way in business, and is the strongest factor in creating loyal and satisfied customers. A client that recognizes and trusts your company is significantly more likely to recommend you to a friend down the line, helping you to grow and expand.

3.    Targets Consumers Willing To Buy

Users that type in specific searches have commercial intent, which means they have the desire to purchase a product or service. The traffic your website receives from search engines is specific, and many of these consumers have their mind set on buying. These are the types of users you want! The right SEO formula is exactly what you need to convince users that the business they are willing to conduct, should be conducted with you.

4.    Gets You A Leg Up On Your Competition

SEO is an often-overlooked form of marketing, and is a small business’s secret weapon. While your competitors are spending money on ad space and social media that targets the masses, you are focusing on consumers that are actually interested in your message and want to know more about what your company has to offer. SEO allows you to capitalize on the marketing opportunities your competitors ignored!

5.    It Is Extremely Cost Effective

The difference between the amount of money and effort put in to SEO versus the amount taken out is reason alone to consider its utilization. SEO should not be viewed as a cost, but as an investment for your company’s future. The sooner you establish your web presence, the sooner your products and services will reach interested consumers. High traffic translates to higher sales and profits, which will surpass any money spent to initially bring in that business.

Interested yet? SEO is a powerful tool for any business owner, but should be applied using capable hands. Catamaran Marketing is excited to announce our newest service – SEO Analysis, capable hands included. Our service will analyze, offer feedback, and even rework your website to ensure is fully optimized for maximum web traffic. For more information please visit us at our website

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