Where to get Started with Per Click Marketing

Justin Oxford
Staff Writer, Catamaran Marketing

AdWords utilizes a multitude of customizable options to streamline your online marketing efforts and help drive touches from prospects relevant to your business. This article will explain how AdWords simplifies SEM, expedites the SEO process, and gives you the freedom to customize a flexible budget to fit your online marketing efforts. After reading the detailed step-by-step process of how to setup your own Adwords account along with other important information on AdWords management, you’ll be well-versed and prepared to tackle your first AdWords campaign. 

First visit adwords.google.com, click on try AdWords now, and follow the step-by-step instructions to setup your account. You will need an email and password to login and I would recommend bookmarking since you will be visiting it frequently. After setting up your account you’ll be prompted to create your first campaign and set up billing details which are essential steps to getting your ads up and running and boosting your online marketing efforts.

A realistic budget for your online marketing campaign  starts at around $1000 a month. You have the option to cut costs by managing your adwords account yourself, but it is not recommended simply because of the time and energy necessary to do so. Our experts in AdWords Management will take care of your all your SEM needs with SEO where we rewrite web content to achieve a higher rating and increase visibility in search engine results pages. Spending part of your budget with an agency like ourselves can drive more better-qualified visitors to your website,  to see your products or services, and in turn generate more revenue for your business.

Setting up an AdWords account is not very time consuming and requires little effort, whereas creating a campaign will require the biggest chunk of your time.  Using the most basic settings like auto-bidding, you could throw a dozen keywords in an Adgroup, assign a single Ad, and crank out a simple campaign in less than an hour. However investing the time to understanding some of the more advanced settings, conduct some keyword research, segment those keywords into appropriate Ad Groups, and craft some well thought-out ads will give you a much greater return on your investment.  You should expect at least 3 hours creating and an additional three hours fine tuning your first campaign.

Here are 5 important keys to get you started with your first Adwords campaign:

  • When creating your first campaign, specify your settings. Make sure to give your campaign a recognizable name. 
  • Designate where your customers are located with location targeting. Make sure to pick location(s) that only your customers are in. 
  • Use language targeting to specify your ad’s target market’s language. 
  • Determine where on the internet and on which types of devices your ad will appear in the network and devices section. 
  • Choose between two bidding options; manual bidding or automatic bidding. Manual bidding offers greater control over your PPC Advertising budget and will offer more Search Engine Optimization than Automatic Bidding, but automatic bidding tends to be less complicated and is much more ideal for new users. Your daily budget will control your costs and determines how often your ads are shown each day. When your costs reach your budget amount your ads will stop showing for that day.

If you've ever planned a vacation, you know the importance of setting a limit for how much you can spend while allowing for the unexpected. In the same way, AdWords lets you set daily budgets for your campaigns with the flexibility to change them at any time. With PPC Advertising you will only ever pay for visits to your site and you are completely in control of the amount you pay.  If you wanted to you could have a budget of $1000 one month and $10,000 or zero the next. Google Analytics allows you to track what pages users visitors look at and how much time they spend after clicking on your ad. This will help you determine what adjustments can be made to maximize the use of your budget if your adwords are doing well or serve as a red flag if you aren’t generating the call to action you need to support your overall budget.

Now you’re ready to take the next leap in your online marketing efforts for your business efficiently and effectively. The advanced options Adwords offers will optimize your SEM efforts and boost the number of qualified prospects that visit your companies website. This means less wasted dollars out of your marketing budget and more time for you to spend growing your business online.