Constant Contact Email Marketing with Catamaran


Direct (email) marketing has changed and become so much more than sending out mass emails to a mailing list. If used correctly Email Marketing is a powerful tool for keeping in touch current customers and engaging prospective customers.

Create and Distribute Value  If you are already developing content for your blog, email marketing is a powerful platform for distributing that platform and extending its impact.  (If you aren't creating content for a blog, you really need to start.)

Turn Leads Into Prospects and Prospects into Customers  Email marketing provides a friendly no pressure environment for you to demonstrate what your brand can offer.  Providing a lead with some free industry insight can spark interest and cause you to gain some of his attention.  Giving a prospect some examples of the work you do can cause him to see the benefits of hiring you.  For more ideas for leveraging email and social marketing sign up for our newsletter. (See what we did there?)

Maintain Top of Mind Awareness  A customer may be genuinely interested in using your product or service, but. at the moment, does not have the time or money to spend.  With email marketing you can give this customer a friendly unobtrusive reminder that you're still here and that you would love his business.

Drive Traffic to Your Site  Building newsletters as teasers for the value customers can find on your blog is a valuable way of driving traffic into your network.

We hand you the keys. We have no interest in taking over your company or telling you how to run things.  At Catamaran we only want to empower our clients with the marketing tools and knowledge that they need to succeed.

We would gladly manage your mailing lists or even design an email campaign from start to finish, but we give you full access to accounts and passwords so that you can take over and drive at any time.



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