Email Performance Rebuild Packages


Email Performance Rebuild Packages

Email marketing is one the most powerful ways for your company to nurture leads, gain referrals, and engage your community.  This 2 hour consultation includes:

  • Review of Your Marketing Goals and Strategies. Let's discuss what you want to achieve with your email marketing, define clear measurable objectives, and layout goals to reaching those objectives.
  • Content and List Management Recommendations. We brainstorm with you to discuss the best methods for managing your list and help you develop content strategies and ides.
  • Social Media Recommendations. Social media is the other side of email marketing coin. Let's discuss a strategy for integrating these complimentary tools to get the most mileage of your carefully crafted content.

Boost Your Email and Drive More Traffic

We understand that getting started is the hardest part.  Let our experts look at your current processes to see what you are doing well, see where you have room to improve, and get your email marketing on the road to success.