Catamaran San Diego is a brand new extension of Catamaran Marketing Agency. Our company is known for being fully-equipped in all skills marketing-related, including graphic design, printing and production, and manufacturing promotional material. CMA is your trusted go-to when it comes to transforming your company to its full potential. Catamaran’s new location in San Diego entails a bigger and better experience to take advantage of, in-part because of the cloud-based nature of the company. Our virtual workspace ensures you can connect and work alongside Catamaran from nearly any location across the globe, opening up endless possibilities. We believe in empowering our clients by providing you with the marketing tools and knowledge you need to succeed. By ensuring our clients are on the cutting edge; we can increase customer engagement, develop a competitive advantage, and increase your bottom line: that’s what Catamaran can promise you, your company, and your future.


  • Comprehensive marketing strategy customized to your needs
  • Complete content creation for logos, graphics, copy for all aspects of marketing
  • Uniform brand recognition with consistent look and feel for your company
  • Social media syndication for blogs, LinkedIn and more
  • Website creation and/or modification to existing site
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Maximize your web exposure
  • Email marketing campaigns for brand recognition, promotions and events
  • Product packaging design, printing and more
  • Trade show booths, materials, banners, signage and more
  • All other forms of print media from catalogs, ad specialties, garments and more.


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